Story Of Ro

alt = Story of Ro by guitarist Neil Swanson comic and album cover art

What is Story Of Ro?


Story Of Ro is more than just a killer rock album. 

It’s a futuristic science fiction story being told in between and within the songs, using voice actors, sound effects, and cinematic music. It’s like listening to a movie and a kick ass rock album at the same time!


The idea came to me from a Spider-Man vinyl record I had as a kid, where the characters were acted out in scenes, followed by songs. It was campy and cheesy, but it really drew me in, and inspired me. 


So, I mixed together everything I love about sci-fi and fantasy movies, comic books, video games, and of course, lots of electric guitars, and created a really unique album and story that I hope you’ll want to listen to from beginning to end.

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